Diann Bauer is an artist and writer based in London. She studied both art and architecture at the Cooper Union in NY and Goldsmiths in London. Much of her current work is collaborative and interdisciplinary, projects include:


  • Laboria Cuboniks, a working group redefining a feminism adequate to a global 21st century with whom she wrote and publishedXenofeminism, A Politics for Alienation in 2015.(laboriacuboniks.net). As a development of this, she is currently working on a series of lectures and videos that further develop the idea of alienation as a productive force for both understanding and remaking the human.
  • A.S.T. ( http://a-s-t.co/#Home) a collaboration with 2 architects and a curator in Miami developing interdisciplinary projects that address global climate change, cities, real-estate development, taxation, insurance schemes, terraforming, statecraft and art. The work takes a range of forms including painting, sculptural and architectural work as well as video installations that explore how speculative art and design can develop thought appropriate to current geospatial, political, urban, ecological and cultural realities. They recently completed works for Tamawuj, Sharjah Bienalle 13 curated by Christine Tohme and Memory Lab at the History Miami Museum.


Bauer has screened and exhibited internationally at Tate Britain, The Sharjah Biennale, The Showroom, London, Deste Foundation, Athens, The New Museum, and Socrates sculpture park, New York. She has taught and lectured widely at universities and cultural institutions including: Cornell University, Yale University and Cooper Union (US), HKW (Germany), DAI (Netherlands), Ashkal Alwan (Lebanon), The Tate and the ICA London.