On-going Collaborative Projects/Research

Laboria Cuboniks-(laboriacuboniks.net) Working group of 6 women across 5 countries redefining a feminism adequate to a global 21st century with whom she wrote and published  Xenofeminism, A Politics for Alienation in 2015.

AST (the Alliance of the Southern Triangle): A collaboration with 2 architects and a curator in Miami developing interdisciplinary projects that address global climate change, cities, real-estate development, taxation, insurance schemes, terraforming, statecraft and art.

Office for Applied Complexity (OfAC): ( http://officeforappliedcomplexity.com/) a platform for research and development that traverses conceptual terrains with an aim to construct new models for work between art, science, technology, and power. This project is an expansion of Fixing the Future (fixingthefuture.info)

Forthcoming Projects

Hereafter, art and technology residency with SPACE, London

Vermögen, a collaborative work between Laboria Cubonics and H.A.U.S (Humanoids in Architecture and Urban Spaces) robotics lab for inclusion in 5 days of performances lectures and workshops retooling art practice, Vienna. (October ’17)

Xenofeminsim, Alienation and Time, paper to be published in Aesthetic Activism with MIT Press. (’18)

On Productive Alienation. paper to be published in Angelaki (Journal of Theoretical Humanities) on Alien Vectors: Accelerationism, Xenofeminism, Inhumanism (’18)


Noise (back-broadcast through the persistent illusion),  7 screen video installation with A.S.T. and Keller Easterling for Tamawuj, Sharjah Bienalle 13 curated by Christine Tohme, Sharjah, UAE. 

Transmediale,  workshop with Laboria Cuboniks and panel discussion, Excursions, Berlin (February ’17)

Memory Lab, (with AST) History Miami Museum, Miami (March ’17)

XF take 4, Big Screen, Focal Point Gallery, Southend.

Appearance on BBC Radio for Future Proofing, episode on Art

Question of Will, (with Laboria Cuboniks) part of a discursive and performative series for The Open Society Foundation, Bratislava, curated by Boris Ondreicka

Herstory, group exhibition, Maison des Arts de Malakoff, France


Exhibitions, Collaborations and Screenings

Technology Now:Sonic Feminisms, screening of video work done in collaboration with Marcin Pietruszewski, ICA, London

Publication with AST, Miami.

XF video sketch 2- Screening at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

XF video sketch 2- Merzmusik 2016, Berlin

Goldman’s Chickens-screened as part of an interview between Laboria Cuboniks, for Accessions, Bard Centre for Curatorial Studies, New York


Aesthetic Activism,  Symposium at Yale University, organised by the School of Architecture. Co-contributors include Jacques Ranciere, Elaine Scarry, Graham Harman, Bettina Funcke, Timothy Morton, Charles Ray and Gregory Crewdson.

Seeing Listening Writing Moving-Workshop and lecture at Ashkal Alwan's Home Workspace Program 2016-2017, Beirut

In Dialogue with Robotics, workshop with Bassam el Baroni, Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem

The Horrizons of Horror, symposium & workshop program, Worpswede Kunstlerhäuse Germany

Accelerating Imagination, workshop with the Arthur C. Clark Centre for Human Imagination with UC San Diego and University of Liverpool, London 

A Government of Times-Symposium/performance curated by le peuple qui manque at Halle 14, Leipzig. Participants include: François Cusset (philosopher, Paris), François Hartog (historian, Paris), Maurizio Lazzarato (philosopher, Paris), Émilie Notéris (writer, Paris), Benjamin Noys (writer, London), Lionel Ruffel (literary theoretician, Berlin), Camille de Toledo (writer & artist, Berlin), Tiphaine Samoyault (writer & literary theoretician, Paris)

Measuring Up, lecture with Patricia Reed for Laboria Cuboniks as part of The Good, The Bad and the Data, part of the finissage lecture program for Nervous Systems with Franco Berardi and Evgeny Motozov, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Future Mining without Hyperstition, Talk with Suhail Malik, Royal College of Art- Architecture MA.

Maerzmusik at Berliner Festspiele 2016-Thinking Together

    Independent presentations: You Promised me Primer and you Gave me Gossip Girl, Lecture

    and screening of Hyperstition and conversation with director Christopher Roth

    With Laboria Cuboniks:Xenofeinsit Temporalities- panel and two day workshop as part of Laboria Cuboniks.    

Inaugural workshop for OfAC, Tate Britain with guest Roman Frigg, LSE.

Artist Talk, University of Brighton, Talk for BA students at University of Brighton

The Systemic and the Discrete, Talk for MA students at University of Brighton


You Promised me Primer, You Gave me Gossip Girl, in Reinventing Horizons, Tranzitdisplay, Prague

As part of Laboria Cuboniks:

interviews in Dis Magazine, Accessions, CCS Bard

Der Zeitkomplex. Postcontemporary, Laboria Cuboniks interviewed by Armen Avanassian and Suhail Malik 2016, published by Merve


Exhibitions, Collaborations and Screenings

AnaSTrophe-Soon it Would Be Too Hot - collaborative mural/installation with AST(Alliance of the Southern Triangle) for Cannonball, Miami

Apollo Meet Icarus, Installed at OMI International Art Centre, NY    

Real Flow-collaboration with Victoria Ivanova, Christopher Kulendran-Thomas and Suhail Malik doing R&D of finance and art, at K. New York.

Title Sequence for Hyperstition, a film by Christopher Roth in collaboration with Armen Avanessian, screened at Babylon Cinema, Berlin.

This Will Happen in Time, collaborative video/lecture/performance with Christoph Cox, for the book launch of Realism, Materialism, Art at Spike, Berlin.

This Will Happen in Time, Collaborative video/lecture/performance with Christoph Cox for the launch of Realism/Materialism/Art, book launch,The New Museum, NY

Screening of Predators and Pests, Speculative Tate: Late at Tate, Tate Britain-, three screen collaborative videos work done with Amanda Beech


Xenofeminsim for Fictions and Futures, Goldsmiths Department of Visual Cultures Public Talks, as part of Laboria Cuboniks

Art and Reason – How Art Thinks, Panel at Newcastle University-With Amanda Beech, Bassam el Baroni, Robin MacKay and Keith Tilford

Artist Talk and tutorials at: Newcastle University,West Kent College, Kensington and Chelsea College

The Long Progress Bar, Brighton Digital Festival, Lighthouse, Brighton, Talk and workshop on Xenofeminsim as part of Laboria Cubonks

(In)Formalizing the Outside: Sex, Mathematics, Cybernetics -Xenofeminism presented as part of Laboria Cuboniks for Philosophy Week: Performing Arts Forum, St Erme Outre et Ramecourt,

Childrens Workshop as part of the open day and launch of the summer Exhibition at The Fields culture Park at Omi International Art Center, Ghent, NY.

Art and its Reason(s), The New Centre for Research, course written and taught with Patricia Reed

Making a Global City: Urbanism, Locality, Capital Flows, Art. at Cannonball Miami: A     three part course, written and taught in collaboration with Suhail Malik.

Technofeminsim Now, as part of Laboria Cuboniks, ICA, London.

Realism/Materialism/Art (RMA), panel participation; book launch of RMA, New Museum, NY.

Real Flow at Cannonball, Miami with Suhail Malik

Real Flow, at K. withwith Victoria Ivanova, Christopher Kulendran-Thomas and Suhail Malik

Reason for Time, competition finalist for Percent for Art permanent public art commission atPublic School/Intermediate School 49 in Queens, NY.   


Xenofeminism, A Politics for Alienation, a collaborative text by Laboria Cuboniks

Multitime Monolife, Response to Aleksandr Bogdanov, Immortality Day, as part of Superconversations in partnership with e-flux and the New Centre for Research and Practice, Venice Biennale.


Exhibitions and Collaborations

4x accelrations, four drawings done for #ACCELERATE, published by Urbanomic, UK and corresponding video for the launch of the book at Enclave, London


Plotting Politics, with Fixing the Future- Organizing and hosting of panel with Ray Brassier, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams

Fixing the Future-The City—organsizing of panel at The Summit, Montreal Biennale, 2014 including Keller Easterling, Marie Pier Boucher and other Fixing the Future collaborators Joshua Johnson and Keith Tilford


Exhibitions and Collaborations

Apollo Meet Icarus, EAF Artist Fellowship Exhibition and studio Residency, Socrates         Sculpture Park, New York

Screen, The Dorsky Museum, New Paltz, NY 

14-12-13, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin                                                                                       


The Dorsky Museum, gallery talk about work included in Screen.

Fall 2013 Cornell University College of Art Architecture and Planning lecture series, Lecture on work and practice, Ithaca, NY


Exhibitions, Collaborations and Screenings

Urbicide, Curation of Exhibition and drawing, Workshop, Venice.

Drawings, Paradise Row, London

Fine Line, curated by Leslie Rosa,Workshop, Venice.

Fracture, Gabriel Rolt/Paradise Row, Pop-up show, Berlin.

The Ulisses Fascination, MEIAC, Badajoz, Portugal

You are Propelled Forward by the Vacuum in Front of You,collaborative single screen video work with Amanda Beech as part of Tegel-Flights of Fancy-Babylon Cinema, Berlin.


Artist Talk, Bard College, Annandale on Hudson, NY.

Artist Talk, Sheffield University, Sheffield UK.


Solo/group Exhibitions and Collaborations

The Enemy is Everything that Might Happen, Solo exhibition at Paradise Row, London

Rush Limbaugh is Sick, Solo exhibition at Kynastonmcshine, London    

The Pavement and the Beach, Paradise Row, London.


Artist Talk, Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum, Alexandria, Egypt.


Exhibitions, Collaborations and Screenings                  

Predators and Pests, Collaborative Video Installation with Amanda Beech for LoBe Gallery, Berlin.

Dawnbreakers, John Hansard Gallery, Southhampton, England.

Surface Warp Factor, Aubin Gallery, London

The Mortar of Distribution, LOBE, Berlin.

Use and Mention, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, London.


Exhibitions, Collaborations and Commissions

(Let Us Pray for Those now Residing in) The Designated Area, collaborative exhibition with Roman Vasseur and Amanda Beech, DNA Glaerie, Berlin.

Sabine Descent, Site specific commission through Contemporary Art Society for     Pictet Collection, London.

Inferno, Yautepec, Mexico City, Mexico

Junho Das Artes, Obidos Arte Contemporanea, Obidos, Portugal

Il Faut Être Absolument Moderne, Paradise Row “pop up space” Istanbul

Drawing 2009, The Drawing Room, London.

Natural Wonders, New Art From London, Baibakov Art Projects, Moskow

Le Roman du Lievre: Marginalia, MTS Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska.

Gothic, Contemporary Art Society fundraising exhibition and auction, London.


Symposium on Contemporary Painting, talk on work and panel discussion, Tate Britain, London.

In Conversation with Marc Ginsbourg, DNA gallerie, Berlin.


Exhibitions, Collaborations and Commissions

Harlow Temple of Utopias,  the creation of a public pavilion and temporary space for contemporary art in collaboration with Roman Vassuer, Harlow, UK.

Centre-fold pop-up for The Institute of Psychoplasmics (In conjunction with the exhibition at The Pumphouse Gallery), London.

Monthy artist comic for Art Review, March issue.

O Fascinio de Ulisses, Luis Serpa gallery, Lisbon.

Hypersurface, OVADA, Oxford.

Institute of Psychoplasmics, Pump house gallery, London. 

Latitude, New York Center for Art and Media Studies, New York


Exhibitions, Collaborations and Commissions

Necrotroph-Optopolis, solo exhibition, Paradise Row, London 

On a Scale of 1:1, solo exhibition, Vamialis Gallery, Athens    

Foreign Policy, Louis Serpa Gallery, Lisbon.

Delicatessen, University Galleries, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Fla.

Foreign body(ies), White Box, New York

Latitude LON/MSP/NYC London, Feildgate Gallery, London.

Art Furtures, Bloomberg Space, London.


In conversation with Andrea Phillips, Paradise Row, London.

Gallery Talk at Paradise Row for University of Westminster students


Exhibitions, Collaborations and Commissions

Bludgeonerator, solo exhibition, The Showroom, London.

Panic Room - Works from The Dakis Joannou Collection, Deste Foundation, Athens

Prosal for Danginri Art Plant, Ssamzie space, Seoul.

A Tale of Two Cities: Busan-Seoul/Seoul-Busan, Busan Biennale, Korea

The Athens Voice Exhibition, Benaki Museum, Athens

Metropolis Rise: New Art from London Dashanzi International Art Festival, 798 Space, Beijing.

Art Furtures, Bloomberg Space, London.

8x8x8 LON/MSP/NYC Minneapolis, The Soap Factory, Minneapolis

If it Didn’t Exist, You’d Have to Invent It: a Partial Showroom History, The Showroom, London



The Body. The Ruin, curated by Bridget Crone, Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne, Aus.

Art Futures, Bloomberg Space, London

The Future Lasts a Long Time, Le Consortium, Dijon

Turn to the Left, Artist Fashion Show, 291 Gallery, London.

GoBeween, Kunstverein, Bregenz.

Expanded Painting, Prague Biennale 2, Prague

Post Notes, ICA, London



Kingdom, The Market Gallery, Glasgow.

Caution: Uneven Surfaces, temporarycontemporary, London.

So You’re Affraid of What?, Redux Project Space, London.

Flaca Anual 2004, Flaca, London.

Cinderella, 100 Clements Rd, London.

Carte Blanche, The Art Works, Poole. 

The Drawing Project, Vamiali's, Athens. 

New British Painting, John Hansard Gallery, Southampton.

Gewalt, Loushy Art and Editions, Tel Aviv.    

The Spectacle Within, The Queens Gallery, The British Council, New Delhi.

Mesmer, temporarycontemporary , London.



Reduced, Century Gallery, London.

Wheeling, Cell Projects,London    

Nth Show, Ols and Co Gallery, London

Post-it, Floating IP Gallery, Manchester

Matchine Matchine,One in the Other (outside), London

15/1(2), 1,000,000 mph, London

I'm Desperate, Love Me, Catto Contemporary, London.

Centrefold Scrapbook 1, (in collaboration with Sarah Emerson and Nicole Licht), London

Piece in Goshka Macuga’s Picture Room, Gasworks Gallery, London



Die First, One in the Other, London

The Show, INSA Art Centre, Seoul

Across the Pond, The Practice Space, Los Angeles



What if I Told the Truth?, Cell Projects, London.

Trick Peaser, Mandarina Duck Flagship Store, London.

Saatchi Gallery Bursaries 1999-2001, Saatchi Gallery, 30 Underwood St London.

The Handsome Folk, 15C, London.

Glamour Hammour, Samuel L Beckett Boxing Ring, London.

Molotov, Dilston Grove, London.



Assembly, RCA/Goldsmiths collaboration, London

Front, bilis 2000, 4 Garden Walk, London

Saatchi Fellowship Degree Show, Goldsmiths College, London

On the Rocks, APT Gallery, London

 Mole Tits, The Cool Mall, Brooklyn, New York




    Coffee and TV, Vilma Gold Gallery, London

    Installation at Cinch, Levi's Gallery, London

    New York Undiscovered, Markham-Murray Gallery, New York

    MA Degree Show, Goldsmiths College, London

    ‘Til Death Do Us Part, Memac, London


    The Preview Show, Hartnett-Murray Gallery, New York


    Sick Shit, CBGB Gallery, New York


    Personal Best, Chassie Post Gallery, Atlanta GA

    Art Exchange Show ‘96, New York


    City Folk, Holly Solomon Gallery, New York

    That Not So Fresh Feeling, Houton Gallery, New York

    Pseudo Museum, 600 Broadway, New York

    Questa Carne non e Fresca, Alleged Gallery, New York

    Soon to be Picturesque Ruins, 450 Broadway Gallery, New York


    Pathetic Masterworks, Alleged Gallery, New York


    Young Sleek and Full of Hell, Alleged Gallery, New York



1998-99 MA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London

1990-94 BA Fine Art, Cooper Union


2014    Hot Picks 2014, Smack Mellon, New York

2013    EAF Fellowship/Residency, Socrates Sculpture Park, New York

2005    British Council Residency in Hanoi, Vietnam

        Grant for the Arts, Arts Council England.

        Elephant Trust Grant, Elephant Trust, England

2003     Residency in New Delhi with Exhibition at Queens Gallery, British Council 

1999     Saatchi Fellowship, Goldsmiths College, London.

Selected Collections

    Saatchi Collection, London

    Soho House Collection, Miami.

    Pictet Collection, London.

    David Roberts, Private Collection, London.

    Dakis Joannou, Private Collection, Athens

    Eduardo Leme, Private Collection, San Paulo 

    Carmo Berna, Private Collection, San Paulo/Los Angeles

    Private Collections, Tel Aviv, Rotterdam, London

Teaching Experience


University of Brighton, Artist talk and tutorials


Kensington and Chelsea College, Artist talk and tutorials

West Kent College, Artist talk and tutorials

Newcastle University, Artist Talk and Tutorials

Cannonball Miami: Making a Global City: Urbanism, Locality, Capital Flows, Art. A three part course, written and taught in collaboration with Suhail Malik

Art and its Reason(s), The New Centre for Research, course written and taught with Patricia Reed

Bard College Visiting Lecturer


Cooper Union, Out reach program, Sculpture.

Bard College Visiting Lecturer


Cornell School of Architecture Art and Planning, Drawing, fall semester.

Cooper Union, Out reach program, Drawing.


Bard College, Artist Talk and Tutorials

Sheffield University, Visiting Artist Tutorials, BA Fine Art.


Goldsmiths College: Visiting Artist Tutorials, MA Fine Art


Kingston University, Artist Talk and tutorials, MA Fine art

University of Kent, artist Talk, Meaning and Making series, MA Fine Art.


Artist talk, Middlesex University, London

Artist talk and tutorials, Birmingham City University, Birmingham

University of the Arts; Camberwell: Visiting artist lecture and tutorials


Kingston University, MA Art and Space, Visiting Artist, Artist talk, running of discussion seminar and tutorials

University of Westminster, Artist talk on Necrotroph-optopolis, solo exhibition at Paradise row.

Portsmouth University: Lectures on Work, Visiting Artist Tutorials

University of the Arts; Central Saint Martins: Guest Artist for final Seminar, year 1and 2 BA painting.

University of the Arts; Wimbledon College of Art: Visiting Artist tutorials, BA print and digital media.


Artist Lecture, Fine Art University of Hanoi, Vietnam.


Glasgow School of Art, Visiting Artist Lecture on Work

Nottingham University: Live, Visiting Artist Lecture on Work

Art Institute at Bournemouth: Visiting Artist, Lecture on Work, Tutorials BA           


University of Hertfordshire:  Visiting Artist, Lecture on Work


Portsmouth University: Lectures on Work, Visiting Artist Tutorials for MA, BA and Foundation in Fine Art